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Digital Scratch to Win Offer Card Creator PHP script - PLR Source codes Featured

Digital Scratch to Win Offer Card Creator PHP script - PLR Source codes
Digital Scratch to Win Offer Card Creator PHP script - PLR Source codes. Utilize Scratch Cards - One of the Most Effective, Profitable and Proven Methods of Promotion that People Absolutely Love , To...

Win Prizes! Winner! You Win!

See how powerful these words are? You 'feel' something 'exciting' when you read these powerful words, don't you? :)

Here's WHY People Love Scratch Cards!

Why do people love scratch cards? For many reasons:

1. Winning gifts and prizes is something that all people absolutely love!
2. Not time consuming at all. All one has to do is scratch for a few seconds and possibly win something valuable!
3. Involve that feeling of excitement and enthusiasm!
4. What one stands to lose by not scratching. People are afraid they might lose 'gold' if they don't scratch.
5. What one stands to win by scratching. What's under that silver layer? Could be gold. Irresistible feeling, isn't it! :)
6. Easy to do - not involving any hard work.


Create as many scratch card projects as you want. Generate as many scratch cards as you like.
Create two types of scratch cards:
1. Scratch-n-Win Cards: participants scratch for a chance to win whatever is hidden under the scratch area.
2. Scratch, Match-n-Win Cards: participants scratch for a chance to win whatever images match under the scratch areas.

Rich, powerful and interactive Scratch Card designer. Design your scratch cards using built-in image or by uploading your own images.
Create your cards by going through three tabs or steps. The tabs make it easy for you to go back and forth to edit anything.
Create scratch cards of any dimensions. You have full flexibility and control over the card size.
Customize your scratch card background. It can be an image or a colored background (one color or gradient).
Brand the scratch cards with your logo. Add your logo in one of 6 different positions in the background.
Add text to your scratch card and format it as you like (color, font, and size).
Convert your favorite images to sc
ratch areas! What a great implicit way to bring your site visitors' attention to any product you want to promote!
Resize the scratch area without losing its quality. This is an important feature especially if the scratch area is an image. You can resize it manually to make sure it fully covers what it should hide (the prizes, etc.).
A scratch card can have any of the following under the scratch area: (1) Text, (2) image or (3) blank/white area.
1. Text: Format it as you like; color, font, size, etc. You can also add a link to the text. The link would open in a new window.
2. Image: Add title above/below the image. You can add a link the title or image. The link would open in a new window.
Drag and drop scratch areas and text elements wherever you want on the card. You can change their positions easily with your mouse.
Choose how many cards you would like to generate and set the number of winning cards. The generation will be done on the fly.
Cards are generated using a randomization technique to make sure no one knows what card is being generated for him.
Set the time period between scratch processes. For example, you can set it as one scratch participation per day. No one can participate more than once a day.
Display a message to winners/losers and redirect winners/losers to any URL you like!

Set a specific number of cards for each participant. You specify the number of times people can participate and scratch for a chance to win. Create scratch cards for all your site visitors without requiring signing up, or request from people who wish to participate to subscribe/sign up. Participants can scratch online or download the cards as zip files to scratch them later.
Scratch cards can be displayed on any browser, because they are Flash!
Check how many cards have been scratched. Check winners and what they won.
Participation that requires subscriptions enable you to know the emails of winners and to email them.
Upload up to 20 images in bulk to each image category: background images, scratch images, 'win' images, 'lose' images.
Generate a list of participants. Edit/delete participants.
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